What Is Post Frame Construction?

Post Frame Construction

Post frame construction is a more structurally strong, economically efficient, and less resource intensive method of building when compared to traditional stick-built construction. Post frame construction was born out of the labor intensive timber framing techniques of our forefathers. It eventually was fined tuned and evolved into the modern variation which has improved upon its benefits and removed the disadvantages. 


Modern post frame construction uses varying size laminated posts that are buried deep into the ground giving additional lateral support to the building. At ForeverBuildings we use Glu Lam 3 ply 2x6 southern yellow pine board with pressure treated bottoms, then covered with Post Protectors to offer longevity comparable with steel framed buildings. The exterior walls of a post frame building are also covered in parallel girts that increase the structural integrity of the building.  Post frame construction also uses trusses spanning the expanse of the building. At ForeverBuildings we use an engineered and individually inspected truss built out of machine stress rated #1 and #2 southern yellow pine. Our trusses are also placed 4’ on center instead of the more common 8’ on center.


This style of building allows for multiple types of flooring like: crawlspaces, concrete, or even dirt and rock. Also, because the structural integrity of the building is held by the exterior walls it allows for open spaces that wouldn’t be possible with traditional stick-built construction. 


Post frame construction is quicker and cheaper than traditional construction, having no need of a poured foundation or block foundation wall. The posts and interlocking frame of the building can handle greater loads than traditional stud-wall construction and thus fewer materials are needed, giving them the strength to weather the storm while still minimizing cost and build time.  


Post frame buildings are also economical because the open spaces allow for more insulation which will result in lower energy costs than traditional building. All these factors give you a multi-function, low-cost, low-maintenance, and efficient building.

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